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Software Verification & Validation

 A Comprehensive Two Day Course

The development of sophisticated, highly complex software products is increasing at an unprecedented rate. To effectively deal with complexity and time-to-market pressures, organizations need practical techniques that can help improve quality, reduce risk and ensure key requirements are achieved, while simultaneously meeting aggressive project schedules.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the latest software verification and validation (V&V) techniques. It bridges the gap between theory and practice by describing the skills necessary to deliver high quality software in a timely manner.

Topics are presented with an emphasis on practical methods proven in many industries. Course participants will learn specific techniques that will help improve their abilities on critical projects.

This two-day intensive course is aimed at providing your staff with proven tools and techniques that can help improve software quality, reduce risk, as well as save time and money. Interactive small group exercises are used to reinforce techniques discussed and encourage sharing of ideas and experiences.

This course includes comprehensive course notes and the course textbook: Software Verification and Validation for Practitioners and Managers, 2nd ed, 2001, Artech House.

Topics covered include:


History of Software Verification and Validation

Economic Justification for Software V&V
  • All Software Is Defective
  • Software Defect Cost Model
  • Find/Fix Cycle Costs

Overview of Software Development Lifecycle Models
Software Requirements
  • Why Requirements Are So Important
  • Writing Testable Requirements
  • Identifying and Removing Ambiguity
  • Requirements Exercise
  • Requirements Management

Requirements-based Estimating and Scheduling Best Practices
  • Estimates, Targets, Commitments, Schedules
  • Why Most Schedules Are Wrong
  • Estimating Best Practices
  • Estimating Exercise
  • Scheduling Best Practices
  • Scheduling Exercise

Software Verification Overview
  • Peer Reviews and Inspections
  • Unit and Integration Testing

Software Validation Overview
  • Testing Principles
  • Methods, Strategies, Levels, Types of Tests
  • Planning and Executing
  • Requirements Trace Matrix Exercise

Software Risk Management
  • Overview
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • FMEA

Final Topics
  • Triage
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Test Automation


Presenting this workshop on-site offers the opportunity to tailor the material to meet your organization's specific software quality objectives and development environment.

Software Verification and Validation for Practitioners and Managers