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On-site Training for the Nuclear Power Industry

On-site training can provide software project teams with the tools and techniques they need to be more productive and to produce high quality software that meets NRC Reg Guides and EPRI Guidelines in the most cost-effective manner.

The intended audience for nuclear power industry training includes:
  • Companies developing software-based equipment intended for use in safety-related applications within nuclear power plants
  • Companies developing commercial grade items and digital systems that are going through the dedication process
  • Quality Assurance organizations—within the utility or part of a third party dedicator—who are charged with oversight of software development activities
  • Organizations who perform independent verification and validation functions

On-site training is designed to help your staff understand what is required to comply with NRC Reg Guides, IEEE Standards and EPRI Technical Reports, such as:

  • IEEE Standard 1012—Software Verification and Validation
  • IEEE Standard 1028—Software Reviews and Audits
  • IEEE 7-4.3.2 Standard Criteria for Digital Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • NRC Reg Guide 1.152 Criteria for Use of Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
  • NRC Reg Guide 1.168 Verification, Validation, Reviews, and Audits for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
  • EPRI NP-5652 Guideline for the Utilization of Commercial Grade Items in Nuclear Safety Related Applications
  • ERPI TR-106439 Guideline on Evaluation and Acceptance of Commercial Grade Digital Equipment for Nuclear Safety Applications

I am member of several IEEE Standards committees, including:

  • IEEE 7-4.3.2 - Standard Criteria for Digital Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
  • IEEE Standard 1012—Software Verification & Validation (V&V), and
  • IEEE Standard 730—Software Quality Assurance.
I have also written a book on Software Verification and Validation which is used as a text in several undergraduate software engineering curricula as well as in many of my training courses.

On-site Courses

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Each of the courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs and all are based on the simple principle that real learning occurs when people are actively involved.

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