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Peer Reviews and Formal Inspections

Peer reviews and formal inspections are proven best practices. This full-day course provides your staff with the skills needed to perform effective peer reviews and formal inspections of requirements, design, code, and tests. Peer reviews and formal inspections very effective in finding defects early in the software development life cycle. From experience, we know that the sooner defects are found, the easier and less expensive they are to correct. Selecting the right type of review to perform is critical for efficiency and effectiveness.

Peer reviews and formal inspections are a critical aspect of an effective retrospective or prospective software verification and validation program.

The following topics are included:

  • Overview of Peer Reviews and Formal Inspections
  • Economic Motivation
  • Types of Peer Reviews
  • Peer Review Attributes
  • Selecting Appropriate Peer Review Type
  • Practice Walkthrough
  • Formal Inspection Process
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Process
  • Practice Peer Review
  • Summary and Action Plan

The practice review allows your staff to see what it "feels like" to actually prepare for and participate in a review. Additional training specifically for Moderators is also available. Call for details.

This course is based on:


This workshop can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Software Verification and Validation for Practitioners and Managers